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Announcing the launch of my new blog & website

Hi, guys. Just wanted to let you know you can find me at my new online home at I’ve been able to combine my blog and my website into one place. Yay! Come visit me and say hi. Sign up for my newsletter while you’re there and you’ll get behind-the-scenes stories of conceptual, storytelling photo shoots and be the first to hear about new product offerings as well as what inspires me as an artist, all delivered directly to your inbox. Can’t wait to see you there and get to know you. Don’t forget to say hi. Thanks.

Announcing the Winner of the C.S. Lakin Book Giveaway

Congratulations goes to Terry Haugen for winning the free copy of C.S. Lakin’s new release, The Land of Darkness. Enjoy, Terry! Thanks for entering.

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Insist on yourself. Never imitate.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Win a Free Copy of the New Release from C. S. Lakin: The Land of Darkness

The Land of Darkness book

Do you love fairy tales? I know I do. There’s something so reassuring about knowing at the end of the story good will win over evil. I think we’re never too old for a great fairy tale.

C.S. Lakin is a relatively new voice in the fairy tale/sci-fi genre. Hers is a style similar to C.S. Lewis. I had the opportunity to interview Susanne recently. Here is what she had to say.

The Sparrow Stand:  What inspired you to write the “Gates of Heaven” series of novels? I love what you wrote about fairy tales and their purpose in our world. 

C.S. Lakin:  I had prayed asking God to show me what I could write that would inspire and be significant and he clearly pointed me to writing inspirational full-length fairy tales. I was reading Chesterton’s Orthodoxy and came to the chapter on “The Ethics of Elfland” which talked about the importance of fairy tales and how they reflect the reality of our world (see my extensive discussion at my website at: ).  I have always been a huge fantasy/sci fi reader but never thought about writing in that genre. At the time I began writing The Wolf of Tebron, I had written three contemporary psychological mysteries, but now I have fallen in love with writing fantasy and although I still write a lot of contemporary novels, fantasy is my “first” love.

The Sparrow Stand:  In what ways are you and your main characters alike? Different?

C.S. Lakin:  I’m sure every author brings a part of him/herself into the characters they create. A few of my characters have a lot of the same inner struggles I do—doubts about self, times when it’s hard to see God in your life and trusting God to lead—things like that. I think I relate the most to Adin and Aletha, the twins in The Map across Time—they each represent both sides of my personality—something I didn’t realize until after I’d written the book. Aletha embodies the part of me that is assertive, confident, passionate and dedicated, whereas Adin represents my doubts, fears, feelings of failure and lack of trust. Yet Adin is such a deep and precious character as he realizes how God is using him to do great things although he feels so insignificant. That’s how I feel almost every day as I see God work in my life.

The Sparrow Stand:   If you could live in the world of one of your books, which one would you choose and why?

C.S. Lakin:  All my books take place in one big world, but each book features a different locale. I suppose of all the villages I would choose to live in, it would be Wolcreek Vale, featured in this new release, The Land of Darkness. Reason being it is a fertile productive land where they grow the best hops for beer and the produce is outstanding. I used to have a small farm and grew a lot of my own food so I think that kind of land appeals to my heart.

The Sparrow Stand:  Which book is your favorite?

C.S. Lakin:  That’s an easy question because The Map across Time is my best book. It is so full of deep heartfelt themes and crazy time twists. So many surprises and twists occur in the story and I felt God just leading my writing such that as I reread over and over certain passages, I can’t believe I wrote them. I cry through most of the book every time I read it. It is all about faithful love and realizing God will use even the most insignificant person in a huge way if we but let him. It is my greatest wish that Map will be made into a film one day. I believe it would be one of the greatest stories ever told on the screen.

Would you like to win a free copy of C.S. Lakin’s new novel, The Land of Darkness? There are two steps to enter: write a comment below telling me about your favorite fairy tale & sign up for C.S. Lakin’s free e-newsletter at Contest winner will be announced on Cyber Monday, November 28, 2011 at 9 a.m. CST. Enter to win today.

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